Stop judging me, it's hard!

I am re-restarting over.  Restarting my restart.  My restart is being restarted.  

It's exactly 3 months from today until I go to NYC, and I am nowhere near where I want to be.  I want to be in waaaay better shape, plus thinner.

So, I'm going to have to crack down the next few months (like I should be doing anyway).  

Here's my plan:

  • I'm going to try to start working out twice a day.  Once in the morning at home (like, a workout off Pinterest or something), and then once at night (a walk/jog).  

Sleep Schedule
  • I really, really need to get a fixed sleeping schedule.  Right now I go to bed way too late then have to get up early.  For example, I've probably gotten about 9 hours of accumulative sleep the last two nights, plus a 3 hour nap yesterday (which isn't good, either).   So I guess it would be 12 hours of sleep, but still, that's not much over 48 hours!  I'm going to try to start going to bed by 11:30 and get up at 6:30 to workout.  That would be 7 hours of sleep (then slowly make my way down to 10 and getting up at 6).  
  • Must.  Not.  Be.  Lazy.   This is my main problem when it comes to eating, I don't want to mess with making anything so I end up getting really hungry and going out to get tacos.  Say no to taco!  I need to figure out easy lunches for work, and then cook healthy dinners.  
Get off my booty
  • One of my problems is that I get waaaay too distracted by things like Pinterest, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, get the point.  I have a lot going on on the computer in general.  My Scentsy website, my photography (editing, website, e-mails), online cla  I need to set aside a time for computer fun, then focus on other things.  Obviously working out, but also other stuff.  Taking Photos.  Crafting.  Window shopping.  Painting.  Cleaning.  Organizing.  Decorating.  Doing all that would probably make me happier AND healthier.

So yeah, that's my 4 step plan.  I can do it.  I mean, alcoholics do a 12 step plan all the time and get over their weakness.  I can do 4 steps!  

Pray for me.  These next few months will be hard.

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