Losing weight is insane.

I mean, when you first start out, it just seems all physical.  Eat healthy and work out, right?  WRONG!

Losing weight really gets inside your head.   I mean, even when I got down to 208, I still saw myself just as big as when I was 250.  And now that I'm 260, I wish I were 208!

Changing your mentality for losing weight, eating right, self control, and self-esteem is very important, but very difficult.   

I mean, think about it.  

Making working out a habit is hard. 
Thinking about what you eat when you never have before is hard.
Self-control and discipline for both of those things is hard. 
Gaining good self-esteem is easy.  Just kidding, it's hard, too.

It's not UNATTAINABLE or IMPOSSIBLE though.  I'm not saying that.  But if you are about to embark on the journey of weight loss and health, don't expect it to be easy or quick.  It's not a whore.  Haha.  Sorry, that was inappropriate.


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