This is so exciting.  I lost exactly 3 pounds this week!
I am pretty happy about it, especially since my goal is 2 pounds a week.  In total, since the first weigh-in, I've lost 4.4 pounds.  That's not too shabby in a 2 weeks time period.

Only 8 pounds away from my first mini goal of 250, and I get to go buy the Bridesmaids DVD to reward myself.  Woo!
I am so happy right now. 

I definitely focused on drinking more water this week, and avoiding fast food as much as possible.  I worked out pretty well.  

This week, I'm focusing on continuing the same thing.  Drinking more water, avoiding fast food, and trying to get into the habit of working out on most days. 

That's it for now, mis amigas! 

- Tiffany Blair

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