My first weigh-in on the website and....drum roll please...

I gained weight.

It's so frustrating.  I mean, I didn't do great this week, but I did a lot better than last week.  I expected to lose a pound or two.  But nope, I gained up a pound. 


I never thought I'd get to that weight.  I am closer to 300 pounds than 200 pounds.  That's INSANE. 

My goal is to be 220 by NYC, and I leave for that on December 27th.

The goal I'm focusing on now, though, is 250.  When I get there, I get to buy the Bridesmaids DVD to reward myself (I just love that movie!). 

I set goals for every 15 pounds (excluding the first).  250 I get a Bridesmaids DVD, 235 I get new jeans, at 220 I get a Victoria's Secret hoodie, etc. 

I think a huuuuge thing (no pun intended) I have to work on is what I drink.  I am so addicted to caffeine.  I usually avoid sodas, but I drink a lot of sweet tea and energy drinks (lo-carb Monster is my drink of choice).  

I need to limit myself to one caffeinated drink a day (probably a Monster) and the rest of the day drink water, then slowly ween myself off of caffeine.  Ween....hahahaha.

So I'm going to work on that this week, plus try to avoid lazy eatings (as in going to grab a bean burrito from Taco Casa.  Not high in calories, but definitely not healthy).  I need to focus on cooking.  

I've been working out pretty well.  I did it 3 times this week, plus went out of town and walked a lot twice.  So it probably added up to the 150 minutes of recommended cardio.

I don't log my food or fitness, though.  I used to use myfitnesspal, which is great, but I focused so much on it that I ended up not eating enough.  I'd watch things almost too closely.  

When I lost the 40 pounds a couple years ago, I didn't log anything, so I think I can do it again this time.  I just changed habits, which worked perfectly.

Alright, enough for this post.

This week I will work on:
  • Drinking water
  • Avoiding fast food at all costs
  • Cooking more/finding recipes

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