So, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but my parents own a Coffeehouse and I am currently working at it.  It's why I stopped going to school for a little bit, to move back to my hometown and help them.

My mom broke her ankle in late March, and I've been running it mainly on my own since.  

I've worked in the public before, but this puts the icing on the cake.  And with icing, comes weird people.

For example, today a man came in and ordered an iced latte.  So, I put in 4 shots of espresso (he asked for that much), ice, and milk.  He got it back and said, "Oh, I didn't want milk." 
An iced latte is espresso and milk.  Dude, not my fault.  THEN, he leaves, comes back and says, "Can you add a shot of espresso?"
Really?  Do you think I just poured regular coffee in there? I put four shots in! So I gave him a FIFTH shot, and he was finally happy.   

That's not even one of the major cases, though.  We used to have this woman come in and stay for about 2-3 hours on her laptop, and never bought a thing.  That was annoying enough, but add in her grandchildren and it'll make you rethink living.  It was usually just one boy, but he was a little devil.  He'd run around, screaming, crying, pulling things down, throwing things, making a mess.  And she'd just sit there, staring at her laptop.  

The worst was when she brought in THREE grandkids.  They were going crazy, even throwing a chair off the platform that has some tables on it.  Screaming, crying, fighting, throwing chairs, throwing each other, making a mess, running around like mad children.  And she STAYED for two hours with them like that.  Didn't buy a thing.  

I'm not going to lie, she got a bad look from me.   I wrote something about it (inconspicuously) on my facebook.  What?  A girl deserves to rant every once in awhile!   Well, we think she may have saw it and knew it was about her (well, I did mention her grandkids driving me crazy...I was trying to study!), and she hasn't been back in.  I'm so, so thankful about that, too.  It's not like we lost money...she never bought a thing!  And we didn't lose good company...she mainly sat on her laptop, or when she did talk, it was completely over the top and dramatized.

We also have this woman come in that is very picky on her drink.  She says she wants it sweet, but not too sweet.  She never knows what she wants, and anytime I suggest something, she just looks at me disgusted.  She usually gets a steamer with caramel and white chocolate.  Then, she tells us all of her problems.  This is a coffeehouse, not a therapist's office.  
I guess that's hateful of me, but this woman is irritating.  I know her daughters, and she is one of the worst mothers EVER.  They don't even live with her now, which is sad, but good, because they are with good people.  So, that probably adds to her annoyance.  

And then there is the fact that this is in my hometown, where all of my family (and parents' friends) lives.  So they are in here a lot.  Some of them are awesome, like my cousins Laci and Amy, others are not so awesome.  It's always (usually) the irritating ones that come in, trying to boss me around, and stays for 2 hours expecting me to entertain them.   I won't go into detail on them, though.  It would be endless.

And don't even get me started on the older woman that comes in and talks to me for at least an hour about the same things over and over.  She's not senile or anything, she's just arrogant and likes to sound like she knows about everything.  If I ever mention something I know, she just looks at me and turns it into something she knows more about.  Highly IRRITATING.  She's a bit condescending, too.

Well, that's about it for now.  Let's just say the most EXHAUSTING part of this job is not making the drinks or cleaning, it's dealing with all the wackos and irritate-ers that come in here.

Is it Friday yet?

- Tiffany Blair

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