It's the first day of October, and although it's still in the high 80s and 90s here in Texas, I'm still psyched about Fall clothes.  Fall and Winter are my FAVORITE time of the year when it comes to style.  It just fits me more.  And hides my rolls better.  
Here are 5 fall outfit ideas to inspire you.  It's for any size, not just plus.  
Oh, and it says "fashionofblair" on the bottom because that's my tumblr.  
Outfit #1: Riding Boots, a scarf, and fall colors make the perfect fall outfit.  I love wearing colors like red, maroon, golden yellow, and brown during fall.  Basically match any leaf color and you're good!  Riding boots are so cute, and they work with almost any outfit.  The top is 3/4 sleeves so it's not overly warm, but there is a scarf in case it does get chilly!  The sun is still out, so we have to add in some sunglasses for good measure.
Outfit #2: Once again, I stuck with a warm color.  I liked the leather accent on top of the dress, and mixed with the combat boots, it adds a little edge.  A plaid scarf is always a good choice, and you can always lie and say it's Burberry.  Just kidding, don't do that, it's wrong.   I also added in black and silver jewelry to match up, as well as some black tights to keep the wind off your legs.  
Outfit #3:  This outfit is for if you have to dress it up a little more.  I mixed golden yellow with a light brown, plus tan shoes and a tan belt.  The jewelry is gold, while the tights are a tan color as well.  I especially love the golden yellow pop of this outfit.  The wedges add some height, but are closed toe so your feet stay warm.  Once again I added tights to keep the wind off your legs if you have to go outside. 
Outfit #4:  While I love the warm colors mentioned above, it's always good to throw in something new ever once in awhile.  So for those of you who don't like brown or yellow, this ones for you!  I mixed gray, black, and white together for a darker look, but the turquoise in the scarf brightens it up a bit.  I am a HUGE FAN of combat boots (I literally own the ones that I'm using for this post, if you're interested, they are Breckelle's Georgia Studded Boots.  I got mine on amazon, true to size). 
Outfit #5: This one would be perfect for a girls night!  Skinny jeans + a colored leather jacket just equals cuteness.  Yes, I said cuteness.  Throw on some Toms (got to keep them toes warm!) and some fun jewelry to mix it altogether.  A plain top is good under a loud jacket, but also remember you may take the jacket off if you're inside somewhere, so don't wear anything you wouldn't wear on it's own!
- Tiffany Blair
I love chevron as much as the next lady, but it's starting to get out of hand.  

Everywhere I go, there is a chevron top, chevron skirt, chevron pants, chevron dress, chevron headband, chevron shoes, chevron tights, chevron leggings, chevron bras, chevron panties, and probably even chevron maxi pads.  I don't know, but maybe.

It's starting to get to the point I don't want to buy it.  It's not that I don't love the print, it's that I feel like it's so boring and cliche to wear it now.  EVERYONE wears it.  And it's fine to like something a lot of people like, or not a lot of people like, whatever.  I'm sure I'll post something on here I want that is chevron, or post someone's outfit that includes chevron.  I'm not saying you shouldn't buy it, or that it's ugly, or that it's old.  It's just the fact that I see it everywhere in every store.

It's kind of like when I was in 8th grade, and the big thing was pink and black.   It was everywhere, like chevron (but it was even more annoying, because it was just the two colors.  At least chevron mixes it up sometimes).  

Or in 9th grade when everyone wore gauchos, including me.  Remember those?

So, here's what my point is: Go out and buy something chevron if you like it, but don't buy EVERYTHING in chevron.   Buy it because you like it, not because it's a growing trend.  And don't overdo it even if you do like it, because it may not last forever (just like ANY piece of clothing).  One day you may find your 23 chevron tops in the back of your closet and think, "hmm, maybe I should have stopped at 3...."

- Tiffany Blair
Update:  There are no chevron maxi pads, but there are chevron tampon pouches
VMAs...oh goodness.  It's made up of 75% WTCrap moments and 25% oooh, nice outfit moments.  
I'm here to talk about the clothes.  I won't even get into Miley Cyrus rubbing herself with a foam finger or singing about drugs.  
 Allison Williams - I love this girl's dress.  It's simple, classy, and appropriate.   The sheer top mixed with the white lace is gorgeous.

Ariana Grande - Ariana always wears clothes that reminds me of the 1950s.  She looks cute and colorful.

CoCo Jones - Her ensemble is different, but awesome.  I love the print, and I like the crop top mixed with the high waisted skirt.   Plus the jacket is Michael Jackson cool!

CoCo Rocha - Her motorcycle jacket alone is enough to put her on this list.   I love the embellishments, and mixed with the black pants and heels, it's a winner.

Fifth Harmony - This girl group is too cute.  I love how they coordinated together yet wore stuff that represented their own personal styles.  I like the black and gold together, it looks great. 

Holland Roden - Funky but awesome.  I love the off white color mixed with the embellishments on top.  The bottom is uniquely cool.

Katy Perry - ROAR!  Katy looks FIERCE in this leopard print dress.  I love the black and gold heels she matched with it.  She looks completely gorgeous.

Molly Tarlov - She puts a funky twist on the floral dress.  I love the print, the colors, and her hair looks amazing with it.  I love the subtle cut outs on top.

Selena Gomez - Her faux wardrobe malfunction on top is amazing.  I love the navy mixed with the lace corset.  It's funky but not too indecent.

Taylor Swift - Taylor embraces old Hollywood glamour with her simple but beautiful dress and curly long bob.  Taylor usually sticks with red, white, and gold, so it was cool to see her in navy (although I admit I love those other 3 colors on her). 

Zoey Deutch - Have I mentioned how I like gold and black together?  Because I really do.  Zoey reminds me of someone from The Hunger Games (but in a good way).
In honor of Demi Lovato's 21st birthday, I'm posting a few of her outfits I loved through this past year.

Demi is an inspiration to me.  To see her overcome all of her problems and succeed is amazing.  She is such a strong person.  
She isn't afraid to embrace who she is.  She is healthy and beautiful, curvy girl.  I look up to her (even though she's a year younger than me).  
1. I want to go to fashion school in New York City.   My top 3 choices, in order, is FIT, LIM, and Parsons.  
I mean, can you imagine?  Me, zipping around NYC, studying fashion in America's fashion capitol.  It would be amazing. The problem?  It would be expensive.  The schools aren't necessarily that bad, the tuition at those 3 are actually pretty normal/low.  It would be the living (they do all have housing, thank goodness), and paying for important things like food and medicine.
2. Get a job at Glamour Magazine.
This one is very specific, but it's my dream job.  I'd love to be a fashion editor, or a stylist, or basically anything.  I'll even make lattes (yes, I know how, I work at a coffeehouse) and shred paper if it gets me in the door.  
(Plus, it would be fun to dress for work, and my style would be appreciated.  And, yes, the "new" cover I chose is from over 3 years ago...but I love Leighton Meester.  So, get off me.)
The problem here would be that there are probably thousands of people who want the same job.   Standing out to the magazine would be hard in such a competitive field. 
3. Change the face of fashion.
Now, this would be the most difficult, but I want to change it.  Not really fashion in itself, but the way it's portrayed.  I want there to be photos of a 5'3" model next to a photo of a 6' model.  A plus size next to an average size next to a small size. Why limit models to just one height, and two sizes (normal and plus size)?  I mean, there are women of all different shapes and size, so shouldn't that be represented?  
Put a size 2 tall model next to a size 16 short model next to a size 8 in-between-height model.  Why is that so weird to everyone?
That is one reason I like Glamour.  They probably have the biggest range of models in the magazine (look at the last two photos), but the range needs to be even bigger.  Short, tall, medium, petite, plus, average, etc.  Same for male models, too! 
I'd also want to represent the majority of us who CAN'T afford a Louis Vuitton scarf or a Chanel necklace.  I want to put out there that inexpensive clothes are just as fashionable as a Marc Jacobs top.  I want to show people that EVERYONE can be involved in fashion, not just a 5'9", size 2, rich woman.  
So, I would like to point out that yes, I'm aware I'm not a teen anymore.
I'd also like to point out that most of the people in this gallery isn't, either.
So get off my back.  I still love the TCAs.  Even though I can't vote in them.  Rude.

These are my FAVORITE style choices of the award show.

1. Demi Lovato - Um, who else can rock leather pants as good as Demi?  Nobody.  I love that she pulls it off so well, even though she's curvy (thin, but curvy).  

2. Bella Thorne - While I hardly know who she is (Disney Channel, I believe), her dress was crazy cool.  Props to being decent, colorful, and cute.

3. Lily Collins - Not only does she have awesome eyebrows, she also has awesome taste.  This dress is a bit odd, but in a good way.  I absolutely love it.  

4. Nina Dobrev - She took a chance by wearing a paint splattered printed jumpsuit, and it turned out to be a good choice.  I like that it's pretty unique, and has great shape.

5. Sasha Pieterse -  It's weird seeing her look sweet, rather than evil on PLL.  I love her choice, the print on top is so pretty, and the bottom works for this event.

6. Brittany Snow - Her feminine, green lace dress is so pretty.  I just love how girly she went this year.

7. Ashley Benson - This dress is so funky, but I love it.  The colors and lace, plus her hair and shoes, just made her look fabulous.

8. Lucy Hale - Lucy was the host of the TCAs, and I totally loved her red carpet look.  The white with a hint of mint green top mixed with a high waisted patterned skirt looks gorgeous on her.  And she rocked the crop top in a decent, classy way.

Worst Dressed - I will throw in one WORST dressed, and that is Miley Cyrus.  I don't mean to rag on her (although I'm not a huge fan anymore), but her choice was just awful.   

Olive's parents need to have a talk with Miley.
We all have that one (or five) celebrity whose closet we want to have (if I were thinner...).

I, for one, have quite a lot.  I'll only talk about a few today, but expect more in the FUTURE.  

1. Vanessa Hudgens
This actress has got STYLE.  I love her bohemian look mixed with some girly edginess.  Some of it is a little out there at times, but I still love it.  Seriously, just google her (that sounds funny) and look at her style, on and off the red carpet.  She's got the style.

2. Demi Lovato
Is there anyone more awesome than Demi?  Probably not.  Her style is so edgy but so trendy at the same time.  I mean, a leather jacket with a floral dress, or leather pants with a white silk top.  A graphic tea with combat boots.  She's is really good at mixing separates together really well.

3. Blake Lively
Blake is probably one of the biggest style icons of my generation.  She has a very classic, glam style.  Her red carpet looks are amazing, and the cool thing is, she doesn't use a stylist.  She's one of few!  She definitely rocks pretty much anything she wears, but she mainly sticks to basics off the red carpet (but it looks amazing).