I love chevron as much as the next lady, but it's starting to get out of hand.  

Everywhere I go, there is a chevron top, chevron skirt, chevron pants, chevron dress, chevron headband, chevron shoes, chevron tights, chevron leggings, chevron bras, chevron panties, and probably even chevron maxi pads.  I don't know, but maybe.

It's starting to get to the point I don't want to buy it.  It's not that I don't love the print, it's that I feel like it's so boring and cliche to wear it now.  EVERYONE wears it.  And it's fine to like something a lot of people like, or not a lot of people like, whatever.  I'm sure I'll post something on here I want that is chevron, or post someone's outfit that includes chevron.  I'm not saying you shouldn't buy it, or that it's ugly, or that it's old.  It's just the fact that I see it everywhere in every store.

It's kind of like when I was in 8th grade, and the big thing was pink and black.   It was everywhere, like chevron (but it was even more annoying, because it was just the two colors.  At least chevron mixes it up sometimes).  

Or in 9th grade when everyone wore gauchos, including me.  Remember those?

So, here's what my point is: Go out and buy something chevron if you like it, but don't buy EVERYTHING in chevron.   Buy it because you like it, not because it's a growing trend.  And don't overdo it even if you do like it, because it may not last forever (just like ANY piece of clothing).  One day you may find your 23 chevron tops in the back of your closet and think, "hmm, maybe I should have stopped at 3...."

- Tiffany Blair
Update:  There are no chevron maxi pads, but there are chevron tampon pouches

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