One of my favorite parts of NYC is seeing all of the unique style that's there.  I turned into a creeper and took a few photos of some of the people there.  I tried not to get their faces (privacy, people, privacy).  

It seemed like I saw a lot of neutral colors, though.  White, black, and tan (with a bit of navy mixed in).  I liked it.  

The fist girl...I absolutely LOVED her outfit.  It's not something I see around here.  The red tennis shoes added in a pop of color to her outfit, the design on the pants is just...amazing, and I love the head wrap.  This girl is one of my style heroes. 

The second was on a stroll with her lover boy (cue the awwwwwws).  I thought her shoes were sooo cute.  I like how she paired everything together.  It was simple, but cute. 

The last 3 girls were obviously about to go get their party on.  I love the wedges.  It seemed like I saw a lot of people wearing wedges.  I liked the neutral palettes they chose.  I especially loved the girl's outfit on the far left.  The black top tucked into the high rise shorts + the wedges, just so cute.  

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    August 2013