Last weekend we headed up to Oklahoma to visit Tishomingo, Durant, and Bokchito.

Why, you may ask?  Well, Miranda Lambert's store The Pink Pistol is in Tishomingo (and it's so cute!), Durant had the hotel and a casino, and Bokchito was where my grandma was born.  

On the way, we stopped in a small town in Texas called Montague, and they had some interesting buildings and signs there. 

Tishomingo was a very small town, but it was cute.  The Pink Pistol was such a fun place, and it definitely was Miranda's place.  A lot of country meets girly.  Plus there is an old fashioned soda fountain (the signature drink is delicious).  I am a huge fan of Miranda's, so it was a really fun place to see (we actually found out she showed up the next day, figures!). We also headed down to a boutique called The Lucky Rose, and they had a lot of cute clothes and the staff was super friendly.

That night we drove to Durant and stayed at a hotel there.  The room we first had was really hot, and the air conditioner was barely running.  We called down to the front desk and they moved us, and we ended up getting a SUITE.  HECK YES!  We went to the casino that night, and it was probably the fanciest one I've ever been to.   I felt like I was in Vegas (haha).  I lost $10, but my cousin Amy (who has never been to a casino) won $50!  My sister won $20, and our friend Jenna lost about $8 I think.  All in all, it was fun.  Afterwards we went to the hotel and played a game called ImagineIff, and it was hilarious.   Definitely check that out.  

The next day we went to Bokchito to check out the town and go to the graveyard.  My great, great grandparents (my grandma's grandparents through her dad's side) are buried there, as well as my great grandpa (my grandma's dad) and my great, great Uncle (my great grandma is buried there, as well, but her grave is unmarked since she died during the Great Depression).  It was pretty interesting to see, plus there were a lot of other older graves that I find creepily intriguing.   We only found my great, great grandparents and Uncle, though.  

Here's a few photos!


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