We all have that one (or five) celebrity whose closet we want to have (if I were thinner...).

I, for one, have quite a lot.  I'll only talk about a few today, but expect more in the FUTURE.  

1. Vanessa Hudgens
This actress has got STYLE.  I love her bohemian look mixed with some girly edginess.  Some of it is a little out there at times, but I still love it.  Seriously, just google her (that sounds funny) and look at her style, on and off the red carpet.  She's got the style.

2. Demi Lovato
Is there anyone more awesome than Demi?  Probably not.  Her style is so edgy but so trendy at the same time.  I mean, a leather jacket with a floral dress, or leather pants with a white silk top.  A graphic tea with combat boots.  She's is really good at mixing separates together really well.

3. Blake Lively
Blake is probably one of the biggest style icons of my generation.  She has a very classic, glam style.  Her red carpet looks are amazing, and the cool thing is, she doesn't use a stylist.  She's one of few!  She definitely rocks pretty much anything she wears, but she mainly sticks to basics off the red carpet (but it looks amazing).  

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