It's the first day of October, and although it's still in the high 80s and 90s here in Texas, I'm still psyched about Fall clothes.  Fall and Winter are my FAVORITE time of the year when it comes to style.  It just fits me more.  And hides my rolls better.  
Here are 5 fall outfit ideas to inspire you.  It's for any size, not just plus.  
Oh, and it says "fashionofblair" on the bottom because that's my tumblr.  
Outfit #1: Riding Boots, a scarf, and fall colors make the perfect fall outfit.  I love wearing colors like red, maroon, golden yellow, and brown during fall.  Basically match any leaf color and you're good!  Riding boots are so cute, and they work with almost any outfit.  The top is 3/4 sleeves so it's not overly warm, but there is a scarf in case it does get chilly!  The sun is still out, so we have to add in some sunglasses for good measure.
Outfit #2: Once again, I stuck with a warm color.  I liked the leather accent on top of the dress, and mixed with the combat boots, it adds a little edge.  A plaid scarf is always a good choice, and you can always lie and say it's Burberry.  Just kidding, don't do that, it's wrong.   I also added in black and silver jewelry to match up, as well as some black tights to keep the wind off your legs.  
Outfit #3:  This outfit is for if you have to dress it up a little more.  I mixed golden yellow with a light brown, plus tan shoes and a tan belt.  The jewelry is gold, while the tights are a tan color as well.  I especially love the golden yellow pop of this outfit.  The wedges add some height, but are closed toe so your feet stay warm.  Once again I added tights to keep the wind off your legs if you have to go outside. 
Outfit #4:  While I love the warm colors mentioned above, it's always good to throw in something new ever once in awhile.  So for those of you who don't like brown or yellow, this ones for you!  I mixed gray, black, and white together for a darker look, but the turquoise in the scarf brightens it up a bit.  I am a HUGE FAN of combat boots (I literally own the ones that I'm using for this post, if you're interested, they are Breckelle's Georgia Studded Boots.  I got mine on amazon, true to size). 
Outfit #5: This one would be perfect for a girls night!  Skinny jeans + a colored leather jacket just equals cuteness.  Yes, I said cuteness.  Throw on some Toms (got to keep them toes warm!) and some fun jewelry to mix it altogether.  A plain top is good under a loud jacket, but also remember you may take the jacket off if you're inside somewhere, so don't wear anything you wouldn't wear on it's own!
- Tiffany Blair

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