1. I want to go to fashion school in New York City.   My top 3 choices, in order, is FIT, LIM, and Parsons.  
I mean, can you imagine?  Me, zipping around NYC, studying fashion in America's fashion capitol.  It would be amazing. The problem?  It would be expensive.  The schools aren't necessarily that bad, the tuition at those 3 are actually pretty normal/low.  It would be the living (they do all have housing, thank goodness), and paying for important things like food and medicine.
2. Get a job at Glamour Magazine.
This one is very specific, but it's my dream job.  I'd love to be a fashion editor, or a stylist, or basically anything.  I'll even make lattes (yes, I know how, I work at a coffeehouse) and shred paper if it gets me in the door.  
(Plus, it would be fun to dress for work, and my style would be appreciated.  And, yes, the "new" cover I chose is from over 3 years ago...but I love Leighton Meester.  So, get off me.)
The problem here would be that there are probably thousands of people who want the same job.   Standing out to the magazine would be hard in such a competitive field. 
3. Change the face of fashion.
Now, this would be the most difficult, but I want to change it.  Not really fashion in itself, but the way it's portrayed.  I want there to be photos of a 5'3" model next to a photo of a 6' model.  A plus size next to an average size next to a small size. Why limit models to just one height, and two sizes (normal and plus size)?  I mean, there are women of all different shapes and size, so shouldn't that be represented?  
Put a size 2 tall model next to a size 16 short model next to a size 8 in-between-height model.  Why is that so weird to everyone?
That is one reason I like Glamour.  They probably have the biggest range of models in the magazine (look at the last two photos), but the range needs to be even bigger.  Short, tall, medium, petite, plus, average, etc.  Same for male models, too! 
I'd also want to represent the majority of us who CAN'T afford a Louis Vuitton scarf or a Chanel necklace.  I want to put out there that inexpensive clothes are just as fashionable as a Marc Jacobs top.  I want to show people that EVERYONE can be involved in fashion, not just a 5'9", size 2, rich woman.  

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