VMAs...oh goodness.  It's made up of 75% WTCrap moments and 25% oooh, nice outfit moments.  
I'm here to talk about the clothes.  I won't even get into Miley Cyrus rubbing herself with a foam finger or singing about drugs.  
 Allison Williams - I love this girl's dress.  It's simple, classy, and appropriate.   The sheer top mixed with the white lace is gorgeous.

Ariana Grande - Ariana always wears clothes that reminds me of the 1950s.  She looks cute and colorful.

CoCo Jones - Her ensemble is different, but awesome.  I love the print, and I like the crop top mixed with the high waisted skirt.   Plus the jacket is Michael Jackson cool!

CoCo Rocha - Her motorcycle jacket alone is enough to put her on this list.   I love the embellishments, and mixed with the black pants and heels, it's a winner.

Fifth Harmony - This girl group is too cute.  I love how they coordinated together yet wore stuff that represented their own personal styles.  I like the black and gold together, it looks great. 

Holland Roden - Funky but awesome.  I love the off white color mixed with the embellishments on top.  The bottom is uniquely cool.

Katy Perry - ROAR!  Katy looks FIERCE in this leopard print dress.  I love the black and gold heels she matched with it.  She looks completely gorgeous.

Molly Tarlov - She puts a funky twist on the floral dress.  I love the print, the colors, and her hair looks amazing with it.  I love the subtle cut outs on top.

Selena Gomez - Her faux wardrobe malfunction on top is amazing.  I love the navy mixed with the lace corset.  It's funky but not too indecent.

Taylor Swift - Taylor embraces old Hollywood glamour with her simple but beautiful dress and curly long bob.  Taylor usually sticks with red, white, and gold, so it was cool to see her in navy (although I admit I love those other 3 colors on her). 

Zoey Deutch - Have I mentioned how I like gold and black together?  Because I really do.  Zoey reminds me of someone from The Hunger Games (but in a good way).

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